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College Board
Visit The College Board

Visit the College Board site to get useful information about the PSAT, SAT, etc.  Problems of the Day can be found to help with the SAT as well as tons of other college resources.

Sign up for an account with The College Board

Sign up for an account with The College Board to get lots of useful information as well as you AP exam and other test scores.

CFNC Test Prep
PSAT Information


Pre-ACT (10th graders)
Why take the Pre-ACT

Understanding your Pre-ACT Results

Pre-ACT website

ASVAB Sample Questions

ASVAB Fact Sheet in English

ASVAB Fact Sheet in Spanish

ASVAB Overview Presentation

Parent Information

Parent Articles

Student Articles

Career Exploration

ASVAB vs ASCA National Standards

What to expect on test day

Official ASVAB site

Career Resources

Career Resources

WorkKeys Paper Pencil Practice

WorkKeys level descriptions & sample questions

A description of each test and each level within each test is provided as well as sample questions.

Click on the test type (Applied Math, Graphic Literacy or Workplace Documents) - information about each test is provided at the top.  Descriptions of each level are shown as well as a link that provides a sample question for each level for you to practice.  Your reponses are graded immediately and feedback is provided.

Full length online practice tests

Go to Online Practice Test > Select a Practice Test

You will have to create an account initially (record your username and password for future reference)

Once you are logged in, you will need to go to "Select a New Title" and pick "Website Applied Math", "Website Graphic Literacy" or "Website Workplace Documents" - there can be launched for FREE

A FULL LENGTH practice TIMED practice test will show (a tutorial will show initially)- allow 55 minutes to complete each test - a score will be provided when you finish.

Sample WorkKeys Tests via OhioMeansJobs

Online practice - no account has to be created - just click LAUNCH beside the test name and select how your test mode (simulation, practice, or learner)

WorkKeys Online Practice test through Mometrix

15 question online practice test

NC Employers supporting NCRC

PBS Video on the significance of WorkKeys

CRC Success Stories video

National Career Readiness Certificate video


ACT Online Prep

ACT Info for Parents

Student Info & web account

Understanding your Results

ACT Test Prep - Testing Tips, Multiple Choice Tips, Writing Tips

You can also find descriptions and help with each subject of the ACT and sign up to receive an ACT Question of the Day through your email!

Tips for Taking the ACT


Register, prepare and get your scores for the most widely used admission test

SAT Practice

EOC/NCFE courses
EOC practice (English II, Biology & Math 1)

NC Final Exams Practice Tests

eKnowledge SAT/ACT Prep Programs
SAT/ACT Prep Programs

Test Taking Tips
Test Taking Tips

AP Testing
AP Exam overview and sample questions

This site contains and overview of AP Exams, as well as sample multiple-choice and free-response questions.

AP Bulletin for Students and Parents

Use this link to view access to the AP Bulletin for Students and Parents.

College Board approved calculators

AP Exam Specifics and practice questions

Colleges that accept AP credits

AP Exam Help

AP Exam Helpful Hints

AP Exams - Preparing for the exams

ACCESS for ELLs (English Learner Students)
ACCESS for ELLs information