William Edwards Staff Photo

Mr. Edwards graduated from the Citadel in 1978 with a B.A. in History.  He returned to the Citadel in 1987 to acquire his MAT.  In 1995, Mr. Edwards  received his MLS from the University of Pennsylvania at Clarion.


Mr. Edwards has a B.A. in History, Master of Arts in Teaching, and a Master in Library Science.  He has been a teacher or a librarian for Onslow County since 1989.


Mr. Edwards has worked for Onslow County Schools since 1989.  He was a classroom teacher at Jacksonville High School for five years before he became a librarian at Northwoods Park Middle School. Mr. Edwards was a middle school librarian for five years.  Mr. Edwards transferred to Richlands High School in 2000 to become the Media Coordinator. He is married and has four children; all of his children have attend Onslow County Schools.