It doesn't get BETA than this!
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Tuesday, November 08, 2016
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Neako Ramirez-Villamil represents RHS and NC proudly.

Neako Ramirez-Villamil is the North Carolina Vice President for BETA. He recently went to Florida to represent NC at a National BETA Conference. The conference was held in hopes of influencing schools to start BETA clubs. There, participants were taught leadership skills and how to improve their social skills. "Some new things I learned from the BETA conference was how to better speak to people and how different people have different connections," Neako said of his conference attendance. 

As a National Leadership Representative, Neako goes to different schools across the country. There, he helps spread the word of BETA. He explains how influential BETA can be to leadership skills and building character.

After graduation, Neako hopes to attend Florida State University. There, he plans to study Biomedical Engineering.

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