Driver's Education

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Parents must register their child online at  to be considered for Driver’s Education courses at Richlands High School.  There will be a non-refundable fee of $65 per student collected in the form of CASH, CERTIFIED CHECK, or MONEY ORDER made payable to NC Driving School, the first week of class. Parents can only register their child for one driver’s education class at a time per school year. The first 50 students who register and meet all requirements will be placed in the class. Parents will be notified prior to the beginning of each class by email or phone. Once notified, parents will have to confirm that their child will still be available for this class. Before registering for Drivers' Education, students should consider other activities (athletics, extra curricular clubs, jobs, etc.) that might conflict with the scheduled course.

Students must be between the ages of 14 1/2 and 18 on the first day of class, and they must be enrolled in an Onslow County public or private school. 

Students attending should make appropriate arrangements for transportation.  More than one absence will result in the student being dropped from the class.  Students cannot be in In-School-Suspension or Out-Of-School-Suspension or have Teacher Detention.  If they do, they must drop the class. 

The behind-the-wheel phase is scheduled on an individual basis with the oldest students having the opportunity to drive first.  Before they drive, students must have completed all classroom requirements, have all documents completed, and have returned all materials, books, etc.  The behind-the-wheel phase is scheduled with the Driver's Education Instructor.

Students listed on class rosters who do not report on the first day of class will risk losing their spots to other students.