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Misc Prom Information

“Midnight Masquerade”

RHS Prom 2015

Saturday, May 2, 2015

8:00 pm-12:00 am

RHS Cafeteria.

Prom Dress Code:  Dress to Impress

Prom Decorating: All Seniors attending Prom are encouraged to help with deocrating. Prom decorating will begin immediately afterschool (Friday), May 1, 2015 until complete. If you will be unavailable on May 1st, you need to see Mrs. Knapp as soon as possible to discuss an alternative for helping.


·         Tickets are non-replacable; therefore they will be distributed ( Friday), May 1, 2015. You will see Mrs Knapp in Room 203 to pick up and sign for your tickets. The person who purchased the ticket(s)must sign for them.

·         Prom ticket(s) will be in an envelope and in the form of a wrist band. The band(s) is/are your ticket(s) to enter Prom. You will not enter without your wrist band.

·         Place the wrist bands on your arm before arriving to the Red Carpet. (Ladies, I suggest that you place them under your wrist corsage. You will still be able to show it when you get to the door). These bands must be worn the entire time you are at Prom..

·         Please bring the envelope with you to the Red Carpet

Red Carpet:

·         Red Carpet will be from 7:30 until 9:00 pm

·         All Vehicles entering for the “RED CARPET” should enter from the Red light at the intersection of Richlands Primary and McDonalds. All Prom traffic will follow the service road from Richlands Primary School, to the back of Richlands High School Gym, then to the front entrance of Richlands High School.

·         Give your envelope to the MC and you will be able to pick it up before you leave Prom.

This is “YOUR PROM” we want you to enjoy it, but also “BE SAFE”.. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to see me in Room 203, contact me by email or by phone 910-324-4191.


 Mrs. Sharon Knapp

Prom Coordinator