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Class Guitar

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Required Supplies

 ** You will need to purchase: Sound Innovations for Guitar Book 1 for Beginning level and Book 2 for Intermediate level courses. ** Mr. Shreckengost will explain during class on how to order this book.


ü An Acoustic Steel String or Classical Guitar

ü A spare set of strings for your Guitar

ü A Guitar Tuner

ü A Guitar Case

 v     Owning your own guitar is highly suggested. This will allow you to practice at home and practice and perform on an instrument which is familiar to you. The plain fact is that there not enough classroom guitars to go around. You will have to have your own.

v     Your strings will either stretch out or break. Having a spare set is a smart idea so if something happens, you have extra

v     You will learn how to tune your guitar. A tuner will allow you to have a good reference anywhere, anytime.

v     A guitar case is most important after you instrument. It is protection. The more you have the better off you instrument will be.